Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Hello folks. Lovelly to have you here.

Herein is all of the boring stuff.

About Blythemporia.

Blythemporia illustrated online is a regular, bitesize journal, collecting together scraps of comics and visual art. Mostly by myself, Ben Peter Johnson. I hope it will provide some amusement and pleasure to its readers.

Visual art is such a vibrant language, let us keep talking it.

And by that I mean I will always be interested in contributions from all sorts, email me any time.

Disclosure policy.

I am not really sure what a disclosure policy is. But I get the impression that it all has something to do with transparent intent and honesty. Well I honestly intend to show you my sometimes rather juvenile artwork, for better or worse. Seriously though, I can tell you with confidence that I have no intention of selling your browsing details to market researchers, unscrupulous advertisers or any other jonties.


I am not currently advertising things on this blog and have no plans to do so in the future, apart from the occasional plug for things I really like. This may change at some point and I suppose I am open to suggestions. UPDATE 21/03/15 Actually, I AM thinking about freeing up some space for advertising but i'm not sure quite what to do yet. I am not against ads per se but I don't want to obscure my website with thingies. This blog is artistically obscure. I dont want it to be artistically obscured! If you would like to advertise here drop me an email sometime.


This blog does not share personal details with third parties.

We are not responsible for republished content from this blog on other blogs or websites without our permission.


Are you still reading?

Go out and do something fun instead.


Go on, off you pop.

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