Saturday, 26 December 2015

Dressing up Mr Darth Vader.

This is Darth Vader with a judge Dredd colour scheme and with a Skeletor colour scheme.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

X Factoring sadness.

I am at work.

Guys and gals, i'm really busy at the moment working on a comic for Sliced Quarterly so things are a bit GO SLOW at Blythemporia heights at the moment.
I will be posting some old stuff in the meantime. IF DATS OK WITH YOU!

Also in the meantime, check out the SLICED website, its really great.


Saturday, 31 October 2015

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Halloween puzzle game.

Oh what jolly fun! A puzzle maze thing.
Dracula takes a holiday. A video game style gif promotional item to promote the release of Hallowscream seven. Over on Back from the depths/ the theatre of terror. Which should be coming out next weekend. Check out the webby site here.

Rules of game.

What with Van Helsing snooping around the mansion, Dracula decides it might be a good time to take a little holiday, lay low for a while. At least until that pesky vampire hunter goes away.

To play as Dracula. Find your way through the maze, avoiding Van Helsing and the garlic. Visit the rooms with the sunglasses and the sun block before leaving through the gap in the roof.

To play as Van Helsing. Find your way first to each garlic and then move on to dracula.

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Monday, 21 September 2015

Night clubbing with Super Villians.

Here's Toby. It's a rather familiar looking rocket board he's got there. I wonder who he scored that from? Still it's an old model. Pre-gritty reboot me thinks..

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Night Clubbing With Super Villains.

This came from a discussion with the famous Lew Stringer (well I say discussion, it was really just me comment bothering him on his blog and him kindly responding with great patience) about the importance of plot within the Batman comic series. And me saying that storylines arent all that important because the charecters, and especially the baddies are such good fun anyway. You'd read them washing their hair or making a sandwich or vacuum cleaning. How good would it be going out with them on a piss up? I didnt use batman baddies though, I used my own. i'll just shut up now.
Part one of a series...
Next episode of Fairy Fest coming soon I promise...

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Friday, 17 July 2015

Fairy Fest prologue

Prologue. I just said that. In the titles! Look up there! It's the prologue!

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Coming this july to Blythemporia.

Fairy Fest


Ben Peter Johnson


Lucy Brown.

" Welcome to Fairy Fest! The jewel in the crown of the British summer party calendar. The beer may be warm, the tent may be leaking rain and the food may be inedible, but nothing at Fairy Fest is quite as it seems. And in order to survive the weekend, two friends may need more than a few litres of white cider and a wristband each. So take a pill, get your wellies on and raise your hands like you just don't care, Fairy Fest is coming!"