Monday, 21 September 2015

Night clubbing with Super Villians.

Here's Toby. It's a rather familiar looking rocket board he's got there. I wonder who he scored that from? Still it's an old model. Pre-gritty reboot me thinks..

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Night Clubbing With Super Villains.

This came from a discussion with the famous Lew Stringer (well I say discussion, it was really just me comment bothering him on his blog and him kindly responding with great patience) about the importance of plot within the Batman comic series. And me saying that storylines arent all that important because the charecters, and especially the baddies are such good fun anyway. You'd read them washing their hair or making a sandwich or vacuum cleaning. How good would it be going out with them on a piss up? I didnt use batman baddies though, I used my own. i'll just shut up now.
Part one of a series...
Next episode of Fairy Fest coming soon I promise...