Sunday, 5 April 2015

Blythe's Election Special!

Well, over here in old timey castle land, also known as Great Britain incorperating Engerland, Welshy, Northern ire, Scotsmanland and Cornwood, we are having a national general election. Someone is going to be big cheese next month who might be marginanly different to the present cheeses. And that is amazing.
To celebrate this doo dah I have created A GAME.

You can print off the cards and play trumps like norms, or you can play the following version....

2 Players.
Pick a charecter each.
Decide how many rounds you will play, maybe 4?
Determine the outcome of each round by rolling a die and selecting the corresponding number on the special moves on the card, whoever has the higher number wins that round. As the special moves only go as far as 4, 5 &6 will be misses.
In the event of an equal score, roll again.

Who will win? YOU decide! Just like real life. Actually it's a game of chance. Errr anyway....

Theres a dice gif included below, use it by looking away from the screen, then glancing at the gif. The first number you see is your number!