Sunday, 7 December 2014

Welcome all!

About the author..... Ben Peter Johnson has been scribbling daft pictures since before he can remember. His first comic strip was a piece of fan fiction involving snoopy ( the dog off 'peanuts'), Doctor Who and the computer off of Blake's 7 fighting a nimon, which is a bull that shoots lazer beams from it's horns. Ben was 4 years old. Very little has changed. Once his father came home with a roll of printer paper which Ben filled with pictures of frogs. When he ran out of printer paper, he used toilet paper, carefully re-rolled the sheets and placed back on the roll holder. Years later, Ben attempted to write a hard hitting drama involving domestic cats but no-one got it. When he was about 7 years old,Ben teamed up with Steven Green to produce a magazine about the saturday morning tv show and toy line 'Mask'. The only edition was passed around at lunch break and lost forever. Ben could not read or write terribly well so his parents got him subscriptions to the Beano and 2000ad, which was full of sex and violence, 2000ad i mean, not the Beano. Although that had quite a bit of pea smuggling as I recall. Ben studied art and design at Yeovil School of art in the mid nineties. There was very little digital equipment about. Windows had just come out and the business students hogged the p.c's. Ben put a biscuit under the camera in the bbc computer suite and an 8- bit jammy dodger came on the screen. Ben has had work published in Temple APA, Hallowscream, Viz and The Shepton Mallet journal. Ben loves webcomics and hopes you do too.

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