Friday, 29 May 2015

Election hangover : The scruffalo

Actually this is called Election day in the forest.
And by the way, The Scruffalo is an original concept, quite unrelated to other menacing, forest dwelling composite creatures that you may have already seen elsewhere.
Lucy wrote me the script in 3 or 4 texts and I loved it straight away, although I had to research the word 'Wyvern' somewhat.
A Wyvern is apparently either a two legged dragon or a dragon with forearms that are clearly arms and not front legs. So there you have it.
A dragon with no legs is called a Naga and they have big forehead horns, they are fabulous.

In order to get more readers to your Blogspot, you're supposed to keep mentioning things that will attract casual searchers via google 'search keywords' Clearly, i'm rubbish at this 'Search keyword' lark. I never mention 'webcomics' or anything like that in these things.
But I have just used the word Dragon loads so err... Hello dragon enthusiasts! Hello!

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