Sunday, 8 March 2015

Issue Seven.

Bert after Ernie is a deliberate follow up to Maxwell Yazpetilok's genius "Recently Widowed Stand Up Comic" which you can read here. The most depressing yet funny comic ever produced. I don't know if I was trying to out sadness Max but I was certainly going for a similar vibe.


  1. Hey Ben! Left you a couple of comments the other day but I think they didn't go through (sorry if you have a comment filter and I'm spamming it right now!)

    1. I dont think I do have a spam filter but I will check 'the dash board' thing and take things from there. Please feel free to email me direct in the mean time.

    2. Right. Yes, it turns out I do have a spam filter. It was automatically enabled for me by the mysterious, faceless ones known as google. I have reviewed all of the comments, including the ones marked spam but there is nothing spicy in there. So i'm assuming your messeges were lost in the ether, which is a shame. But I have at least learned to manage some more things on my blogspot. I'm not sure what's going on. Fruit loops!!

    3. Haha! Well, let me think back... I was just saying you successfully out-saddened Recently Widowed Stand-Up Comic using only one word (if "sigh" counts as a word). My other thought was that you should consider starting a Tumblr for your comics. We moved ACK to Tumblr after having some troubles with Wordpress and so far it's much easier to use and it's also easier for others to share our stuff (not that it's happened so far but, you know, the possibility is there). Incidentally, Tumblr doesn't support comments by default, but it's pretty easy to add Disqus, a platform for comments. Give our new site a look!

      I think that was it. Hope this one goes through! Copying and saving just in case...